Mediation Is...

A voluntary and completely confidential process in which an impartial and trained mediation professional works directly with the parties to resolve the issues presented by your circumstances. In mediation, you have the opportunity to clarify issues and identify individual and joint goals and needs. Mediation creates an environment where information can be shared, negotiations conducted, and plans for the future made - in private and outside of a public courtroom.

Transitioning Lives

Mediation is useful in resolving the entire dispute or a single issue.

Mediation requires cooperation, a free and open exchange of information, and a sincere desire to reach a fair, mutually acceptable result. It allows you to reach your decisions in your own time without the delays associated with a long court proceeding.

Mediation allows for the use of other professionals, as desired, for specific issues.

Mediation is not arbitration. You make your own decisions; decisions are not imposed upon you by an arbitrator, judge, or any other person. The mediator's role is to promote and encourage the decision-making process.

Mediation requires commitment. It is not right for everyone nor right for every situation.

Helen Peters, Attorney-Mediator


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